The New Ukrainian Cookbook by Annette Ogrodnik Corona


The New Ukrainian Cookbook

by Annette Ogrodnik Corona;
Hippocrene Books, Inc., 2012;
Hardcover Only

Available in bookstores and on-line

Press Release for The New Ukrainian Cookbook

Cookbooks on My Shelf

On last count, my own library of books about food and cookbooks totaled a whopping 283. While, inspired by so many, I do want to recommend a few cookbooks that I really like. First of all, I have to mention my own, "The New Ukrainian Cookbook – A Blend of Tradition and Innovation". It captures the spirit of the Ukrainian kitchen and culture based on the lessons taught to me by my grandmother. If you read it, I am sure you will fall in love with Ukraine all over again, or perhaps, for the first time.

There is Rose Elliot’s book, the most responsible for fine-tuning my vegetarian sensibilities. Both books from Sarah Chase made the list. Her writing is just beautiful and oh so smart. She helped me with more “sophisticated” recipes, especially when I needed catering ideas. Then there is Farmer John. Who wouldn’t love this book? His writing is pleasantly witty and the recipes are simple and straightforward. But, the last, Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook is extra special. First of all, it was our home’s only cookbook when I was growing up. The cover is gone and I am afraid it will completely fall apart any second. Tattered and torn as it is, it’s still my favorite. I have never seen another copy. I am sure, that by today’s standards, it is considered “old-fashioned”, but, I do not care. The recipes stand the test of time and taste, so it is always my first “go-to” when I need inspiration. I just love it!

The rest are genuinely companionable, and if you enjoy them, I’ll be happy. Try the recipes and I know you will win a reputation as a good cook. Have fun and blessings with your meal!

Here they are in no particular order…

Forgotten Skills of Cooking

by Darina Allen;
Kyle Books, 2009;
Available in bookstores and on-line

French: Delicious Cuisine Made Easy

by Carole Clements and Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen; Hermes House, 2003;
Available used on-line

The Turkish Cookbook

by Nur Ilkin and Sheilah Kaufman; Interlink Books, 2010;
Available in bookstores and on-line

The Complete Vegetarian Cuisine

by Rose Elliot;
Pantheon Books NY, 1988;
Hardcover - Available used on-line
(first edition)

The Art of Simple Food

by Alice Waters;
Clarkson Potter, 2007;
Available in bookstores and on-line

Simply in Season

by Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert; Herald Press, 2009;
Available in bookstores and used online

Open-House Cookbook

by Sarah Leah Chase;
Workman Publishing NY, 1987;
Available used on-line

Cold-Weather Cooking

by Sarah Leah Chase;
Workman Publishing NY, 1990;

Available used on-line

The Locavore Way

by Amy Colter;
Storey Publishing, 2009;
Available in bookstores and on-line

Fresh Choices

by David Joachim and Rochelle Davis; Rodale, Inc., 2004;
Available in bookstores and on-line

Farmer John’s Cookbook
– The Real Dirt on Vegetables

by Farmer John Peterson and Angelic Creations; Gibbs Smith Publisher, 2006;
Available used on-line

Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook

edited by Nell B. Nichols--- Food Editor, Farm Journal, 1959: Doubleday & Company, Inc.; Believed to be out of print