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My Philosophy

Greetings! My name is Annette Corona and I have been a freelance food writer and recipe developer since 1992. I am also an award-winning cookbook author, cooking instructor and former caterer. These days, I am a tireless campaigner for locally grown seasonal foods, small farmers and sustainable agriculture.

My childhood years were spent working on our family farm where I naturally developed a more holistic appreciation for real, homegrown food. I was lucky. It was no wonder that I would drift into a career that centered on eating and entertaining. But, after spending a good many years in publishing, and tiring of the grind of a daily food business, I decided to take some much needed time off. By chance, I fell in with a bunch of agricultural progressives; and, intrigued, I decided to volunteer as an intern on an organic farm. The experience was magical and it drew me back to my culinary roots. I became concerned more with the quality of life for those who produce our food, as well as society as a whole.

Circumstances have turned me in a different direction, out of which the concept of my blog called “Refueling your Fork” was born. In it, I draw from my own extensive culinary repertoire. On a weekly basis, I offer easy-to-follow, budget-minded, seasonal recipes ranging from the familiar to the unexpected. I challenge readers to be in touch with how food is produced and include practical steps and inspiring testimonials that will help us think more about how we do our grocery shopping. Together, I believe we can change the modern food system, one plate at a time. In a nutshell, my blog is part gourmand, part spiritual, and part activist - an intentional guide to sustainable eating and living.

If you are suspicious about pre-packaged foods and have a desire to return to a monogamous relationship with your meals, if you find yourself pondering over what to do with leftovers, or if you enjoy a good discussion about food culture and politics-of-the-plate, then you have found the right place. Join me on this journey and weave yourself into a community that cares about the same things.

Welcome to my kitchen. Come - sit for a while - I have so much more to tell you. I know the way to your heart, it’s through your belly!

Be at peace …


Annette O. Corona Book Signing

Annette O. Corona Cookbook Author

Annette O. Corona Freelance Food Writer

Annette O. Corona Freelance Food Writer